Philly's Woodfired Pizza

Emerging from the constraints of lockdown, Philly's Woodfired Pizza were inspired to transform their passion for food into a thriving business. Recognising the importance of learning from the best, they eagerly enrolled in a masterclass led by the renowned Marco Fuso. Drawing from his expertise and a delectable dough recipe, they've incorporated his teachings to craft all their dough in-house. 

Their commitment to quality extends to the choice of ingredients, sourced exclusively from Marco's trusted supplier, Carnevale. Empowered by this newfound knowledge and armed with access to premium ingredients, their mobile pizza catering service guarantees an unparalleled standard of excellence.

Philly's Wood Fired Pizza are passionate about creating the most delicious wood fired Neapolitan style pizza. Their mobile truck allows us to bring this unique culinary experience to different locations within York and the surrounding areas, serving customers the freshest and most flavourful pizza.