Taff Rapids Stringband

7pm Friday | Brass Castle Stage

Meet Taff Rapids Stringband, a rising bluegrass sensation from Cardiff, known for their refreshing take on the genre. Hosts to the only monthly bluegrass show in the capital, this band has created a buzz around Bluegrass with their ‘Stringband Sundays’ event. This dynamic ensemble has channeled their influences from the bluegrass forfathers right up to progressive bands such as the Punch Brothers.

With a repertoire ranging from traditional bluegrass classics to captivating originals, Taff Rapids Stringband showcases their mastery of the genre; infusing their Welsh heritage by incorporating bluegrass songs sung in Welsh, adding a unique touch that resonates worldwide.

Invited to participate in International Bluegrass Music Association World of Bluegrass, Taff Rapids Stringband's undeniable talent and growing demand for their brand of bluegrass is catching the attention of everyone they perform for. They embrace every opportunity with unwavering determination, promising electrifying performances, rich harmonies, and unmatched instrumental prowess. Taff Rapids Stringband is poised to become a powerhouse in the realm of bluegrass music, leaving an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

Branded as Blŵgras, they plan to take it as far as they can, and introduce it to as many people around the world as possible!