Em Risley

Em Risley has burst onto the Sheffield scene with her outstanding band. Em’s long-awaited folk/pop EP ‘Someone Who’s Just Like Me’ was described by BBC's Christian Carlisle as 'stunning... open and honest'. The first single ‘Since You Left Me’ was the start of an exciting collaboration between Em and local Sheffield sound engineer & musician Zak Michaud. 

The partnership led to the creation of the EP featuring five original tracks. Each song tells a different story as Em writes from experience about identity, family, and heartbreak. Having received radio play on every track on the EP, Em and Zak are thrilled their hard work paid off. Even landing them a live session performing 3 tracks at BBC Yorkshire. Zak & Em have now joined forces with musicians Jemma Green (Drums) & multi-instrumentalist Rose Franchi (Flute & Sax). 

Together the band launched the EP with a sell-out show at the Dorothy Pax. Performing live is an absolute blast for the band and they can’t wait for The Magpies Festival ’24. Front woman, Em, leads the band with confidence having performed for over a decade. Her humour and storytelling make seeing the band live a joy for any audience. Frequently likened to Joni Mitchell, Em’s folk influences shine through but with individuality from the uniqueness of her voice. Em’s musical endeavours also lie within academia as she studies for a PhD in Music and Well-being at Sheffield alongside performing.